BCPCA Membership

Who can join BCPCA?

Membership in the BCPCA is open to all organizations or individuals which work directly or indirectly in the liquid petroleum handling industry in BC. There are two categories of memberships: Active Members are contractors who work directly in the industry and install, test, maintain, and remove petroleum handling systems and Associate Members are those in interested or related businesses (such as equipment suppliers, manufacturers, government and consultants.)

Why should I become a member?

You should join BCPCA if you believe there is a need for a unified industry voice and a need for the industry to set itself apart through leadership and influencing of policy and direction. Become a founding member today and help set the course for the petroleum handling industry in BC!

How can I become a member?

A BCPCA membership application form has been included at the end of this page. Simply complete the form and submit it with your payment as indicated. You will be provided with your BCPCA membership number when your application has been approved and payment processed.

download Click here to download the BCPCA application form