History of BCPCA

The British Columbia Petroleum Contractors Association (BCPCA) is a not-for-profit association incorporated to establish, promote and maintain the highest standard of quality, safety and environmental protection for all types of installation and modifications of petroleum storage systems in BC.

BCPCA was established in 2010 to provide a voice for the BC petroleum handling industry.

The association evolved from an earlier initiative to address on-going demand for qualified employees and address recruitment issues across the petroleum equipment industry in BC. The objective of the initial project, funded through Service Canada’s Labour Market Partnerships program, was to establish a new trade certification and training program for Petroleum Equipment Mechanics in BC.

BCPCA is a member of the Canadian Petroleum Contractor’s Association (CPCA) and comprises of stakeholders from industry, labour, and government organizations involved in the installation, servicing, repair, maintenance and replacement of the equipment used to distribute petroleum and related products to the public.

BCPCA’S objectives include, but are not limited representation of BC in national matters, a comprehensive apprenticeship training program, and establishment of industry standards.

Full membership is on an annual basis and is open to a wide range of stakeholders, including provincial/regional contractors involved in the installation, removal, maintenance and inspection/testing of storage tank and delivery systems. Organizations, businesses, agencies, and others, may participate as associate members.

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